7 Best at Home Business Ideas

the best at home business ideas

So, you want to work from home, but you don’t know what you want to do? Here are my 7 Best at home business ideas. You can use one of mine, or you can come up with your own. Either way, the most important thing is to get started.

The only rhyme or reason for the order of my best at home business ideas is the order in which they come to my head as I currently write. No one is better than any other, really, because the best one will depend on who you are as a person.

So, drumroll please… Here are my 7 best at home business ideas:


  1. Affiliate or referral marketing

    What is affiliate or referral marketing? Affiliate or referral marketing is simply selling other people’s or companies’ products or services for them and receiving a cut of the margin as a commission. This can be done online (usually called affiliate marketing) or IRL (in real life), (usually called referral marketing).

    The easiest example I can give you of affiliate marketing is the website you are looking at right now. There are two common types of affiliate marketing websites.

    The most common affiliate marketing websites are review websites that review products or services and then link people over to buy them.

    The second most common affiliate marketing websites are information websites such as this one that offer free information on how to do particular things (like working from home) and then link to products or services that can assist viewers in doing these things (such as Wealthy Affiliate, the premiere school of affiliate marketing, which offers 10 free trial lessons before you give any payment info to them, after which you can purchase a premium membership for around $1-2 per day, which you will get back in many multiples if you stick with their program and work hard).

  2. Driving for uber, lyft, arcade city or the like

    Do you have a car that is in good condition and less than 10 years old? Then you can put it to use to earn yourself some extra pocket money or even a decent full-time income. I drove for uber full-time in most of 2015 after selling my most successful affiliate website spendbitcoins.com. If I hadn’t had a well-paid j-o-b drop in my lap in November 2015, I’d still be driving for uber full-time while working on my affiliate marketing websites between rides.Driving for uber, aside from just being plain fun, is a very convenient way of making money TODAY while you work on other projects that will bring in even more money down the track.When you are an uber driver, you don’t have any set shifts. You simply login anytime 24/7 that you want to take passengers and log out anytime you don’t want to take passengers. Want to go on vacation? Not only do you not have to ask anyone for permission, you don’t even have to tell anyone. You just don’t login while you’re on vacation. Read more about what it’s like to drive for uber here.

  3. A free MLM (never pay to work for someone!)

    I’m not normally a fan of network marketing (no offense to you if you are) because in my experience, the products are generally extremely overpriced in order to pay several levels of commission upline.

    However, some MLMs are free as they are essentially referral marketing (see #1 above), which means rather than you selling people overpriced products, you are simply a word-of-mouth advertiser for other companies’ products.

    I’m a member of a great one of these, and I can invite you onboard for free!

    For an invite to a free loyalty card program where you get cashback on all of your own purchases at tens of thousands of traditional merchants worldwide as well as 0.5% cashback of your referrals purchases two levels deep, please send a request through to jeremywestATgmail.com (changing the AT to an @ symbol).

  4. Teaching a course

    You are an expert at something that other people would like to learn.You can earn money by teaching people about your area of expertise. Whether you teach this course at a local community centre, college, university or other local venue, online through your own website or an online school such as study.com, you could set yourself up for passive income.

    In addition to your courses, you can either self-publish or traditionally publish a textbook to either complement your course or as a stand-alone for people who would prefer your information in written form.

  5. Buying and selling bitcoins or other virtual currencies locally

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard about bitcoin. If you haven’t, click here to learn what bitcoin is.

    It’s fairly easy now in most countries to purchase bitcoin online by transferring money from your bank account. However, the thing about bitcoin is that many bitcoin enthusiasts use bitcoin because they want their buying and selling transactions to be anonymous (or at least pseudonymous).

    You can’t be anonymous if you use the bank. So a lot of bitcoin enthusiasts prefer to exchange their cash for bitcoin locally with individuals. And they’ll pay a premium to do so.

    That’s where you come in. If you are happy to buy bitcoin through the banks because you have no privacy concerns, you can purchase through a major bitcoin exchange online and then sell locally by meeting up at your local McDonald’s, Subway, cafe or the like.

    Find out more about how to start selling bitcoins locally by clicking here.

  6. Buying stuff at amazon with bitcoin at deep discounts and reselling it online

    One of the coolest bitcoin services out there is a site called purse.io. It allows you to purchase products from Amazon with bitcoin at steep discounts. You can name your own price, and 15-20% is a pretty common discount to get.

    Why? You are actually simply posting a wishlist of items you want on to purse.io. Someone who wants to purchase bitcoin with their credit card (which it is not possible to do on any major exchanges) then makes your purchase for you and has Amazon ship them to you as a gift, complete with a receipt in case you need to return anything.

    Because this is one of the only ways to purchase bitcoin with a credit card, people who want to purchase bitcoin this way are happy to pay a premium (and with bitcoin surging much higher than 20% per year every year since its inception in 2009 every year except 2014, this may not be a bad investment).

    If you have bitcoin (or can buy some as in step 5), head over to purse.io now to check out the wholesale like prices you can get.

  7. Buying timeshare secondhand and then selling it on eBay, craigslist, gumtree or the like

    Once you purchase timeshare, you owe an annual fee every year for the rest of your life (or until you sell it or give it to someone else) in order to pay your share of upkeep of the timeshare properties.

    Because of this, many people who no longer need or want their timeshare are willing to sell it at a tremendous loss compared to the original purchase price simply to stop paying the annual fee.

    The process to sell your timeshare, however, is time intensive, requires you to build trust online if you want to sell it online and can cause headaches if you don’t know what you are doing.

    Voila, if you learn how to streamline the process, you can actively seek out those who want to sell their timeshares and buy them at a heavy discount, after which you can turn around and immediately resell on eBay or the like, particularly if you have already built up a positive reputation on said selling site.

    See readseason.com as an example of a business who has been doing this for ages.

So there you have it, my 7 best ideas for at home businesses.

Have you come up with any of your own that you can share? Please do so in the comments below.

Alternatively, please feel free to ask questions about any of these ideas or more in the comments. I’m happy to help. That’s what I’m here for!

4 thoughts on “7 Best at Home Business Ideas

  1. I think you did a fantastic job explaining home business here. If I weren’t alredy doing so myself, I would definitely take you up on one of your offers. But some photos could have drove your points home. And when it comes to Uber you should let people know that it is not available in all cities yet. But this is a great way to promote wealthyaffiliate.com as well as other home business opportunities

    • Thanks John! I’ll be adding photos later. Just trying to get the content up to get indexed by the search engines as quickly as possible! 🙂

      Good point about uber not being available everywhere. Arcade City launches its app on 1 September and from what I understand it will be global immediately. Check it out: http://bit.ly/arccity

  2. I am an online marketer and always looking at ways to making money online. You show several unique ways to earn an income that isn’t normally thought about. It hadn’t occurred to me that someone can actually make a business out of buying,selling, and/or trading bitcoins. I also didn’t know that Amazon merchandise could be involved in these transactions as well. The light bulb just went “ON”. I think you are on to something big and I thank you for these brilliant ideas.

    • Thanks Kenneth! I love sharing ideas because I’ll never have time to implement them all! Do you have any ideas to share? 😉

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