Cashback Card Review

Cashback World Review

Name: Cashback World by Lyoness

Website: Cashback World by MyLyconet

Price: Free

Owners: Hubert Freidl

Overall Rank: 90/100

Who it’s for: Anyone who shops and has friends who shop

Overview of Cashback World

Cashback World is a combination of two things: a loyalty card (or loyalty app) and a referral marketing company.

Now, I’m not generally a fan of network marketing because I generally find that the products are overpriced in order to pay several levels of salespeople. And generally the salespeople focus less on selling the product and more on recruiting other sales people who will then focus on recruiting other sales people.

Cashback World, on the other hand, is different, and the focus is referral rather than network marketing.

What’s different about Cashback World?

The difference between Cashback World  and all network companies of which I am aware is that Cashback World is free to join and free to use.

Instead of selling products, Cashback World has thousands of merchants worldwide who use them instead of their own loyalty cards or loyalty apps.

What this means is that one Cashback World card or app gives you access to cashback savings at thousands of merchants worldwide. You can simply use Cashback World this way to save money and never concern yourself with the referral marketing aspect of Cashback World.

What is the Referral Marketing Angle of Cashback World?

Rather than paying for traditional television, radio or internet advertising, Cashback World uses referral marketing as their advertising model.

This means Cashback World basically pays for word-of-mouth advertising.

So when you refer friends into the free Cashback World loyalty program to enable them to get discounts at thousands of merchants worldwide, many of which they probably already shop at, not only do they get cashback, you get a percentage of cashback for their purchases as more.

But wait, there’s more!

Beyond getting paid a percentage of cashback for all of your own and your referrals’ purchases, you also get cashback for your referrals’ referrals’ purchases.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out Cashback World for yourself.

There’s no reason not to find out for yourself whether Cashback World will save you and your friends (and your friends’ friends) money. It won’t cost you anything to sign up or to start using it for yourself.

To get more information about the Cashback World opportunity, please click here.

Have you used Cashback World yourself or do you know of any other similar opportunities? I always like to know about new ways to save and earn money. Please share about your own experiences in the comments below, and feel free to leave questions regarding this article. I love helping others!

Happy saving!


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