Getting Started

Getting started at unworking is as simple as coming up with some can i learn to make money online

I’ll give you an example of some of the unworking ideas I have come up with:

  • Affiliate marketing (a fancy term for blogging about stuff you like and linking people to where they can buy it–in other words, what I’m doing right here).
  • Drive for uber.
  • Join a free shopping network that gives you cashback every time you shop plus pays you for your referrals.
  • Teach a course.
  • Buy and Sell bitcoins locally.
  • Buy stuff cheaply from garage sales and sell it for market value on eBay or the like.
  • Buy timeshare secondhand and then sell the accommodation on eBay for more than the annual fee.

Alright, that’s seven ideas of mine off the top of my head.

That should be a good jumpstart for you.

Now it’s your turn. Write down at least seven ideas of things you could do to make money that don’t involve a job or a boss.

Be creative. Think outside the box.

If you’re really having trouble coming up with ideas, try some free writing. This is where you get a piece of paper (or open a new Word document) and just start writing for say 10 minutes without stopping. If you get stuck for what to write next, just keep writing things like “I can’t think what to say next. I’m supposed to be writing right now but I am out of ideas” etc until the ideas are flowing again.

If you’re an auditory person like me, you might do it my way instead. I use the “Note to self” function on voxer to “free talk”. Same concept as above, but talking for ten minutes without stopping.

Don’t worry, if you get stuck, you can always use one of my ideas! But give yourself a bit of time to think up your own ideas. You might amaze yourself with what you come up with!

If you wouldn’t mind, please share your ideas below. Just as my list may have jump-started you, your list might jump start someone else’s imagination.