Driving for Uber Review

Driving for Uber Review

Name: Uber

Website: http://uber.com

Price: Depends on local regulations, usually less than $100 to get started

CEO: Travis Kalanick

Overall Rank: 80/100

Who it’s for: Anyone who owns a car less than 10 years old in good condition

Overview of driving for Uber

I drive for uber on the side when I’m in town with my car. I have previously driven for uber full time and it is a pretty good side gig.

For me, it fits around my university classes and my travelling as you can simply login when you want to drive and log out when you want to quit. Not only do you not have to ask anyone permission if you want a day off or to take a long vacation, you don’t even have to tell anyone. You just don’t log in.

Can I make loads of money driving for uber?


Although you can drive as much or as little as you want, you are only going to make decent money during peak periods. And you will be driving your own car, paying for your own petrol and repairs, and adding wear and tear to your car.

That being said, in my city, uber pays about as well as any other job you don’t need qualifications for. And the flexibility cannot be beat.

What is uber?

Uber is a ridesharing app. Drivers login when they are ready to drive, and riders login when they are looking for a ride. When a rider requests a ride, the uber app finds the closest available driver and offers the job to them. If they do not accept it within 15 seconds, the job is offered to the next closest driver, and so on.

Customers tell me they love uber. They will never take a taxi again. Uber is much quicker, much cheaper, and they say they generally have a better experience with uber drivers than with taxi drivers.

Final verdict. Should you drive for uber?

If you like driving and you like chatting with strangers, uber could be a fantastic side gig for you, or you may even want to do it for a full time income. Just keep in mind that you need to account for expenses when working out how much money you are earning.

And one final piece of advice: You are likely to have time between trips on a regular basis. Some drivers waste this time or sit around bored. Not me. I work on affiliate marketing between trips to earn additional income. I learned how to do this through Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to see my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Call to action

If you would like to drive for uber, click here to get the ball rolling now.

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